Freddy Krueger Needles


Welcome to Villains Live where the villains never die!  I love horror movies and have for a long time.  I’m just looking to create a space to discuss and write about whatever it is I am watching in any given week.  What I have learned is that for whatever reason I tend to view horror movies differently from most people.  I tend to have unpopular opinions but I stick by them.  One of the best reviewers I ever knew was The Black Saint.  I remember once completely disagreeing with him on a movie review and posted on his Facebook wall about why I saw the movie differently.  I never made it personal or attacking.  I did, however, end it with “Sorry, but my opinion is, in this case, the complete opposite of what you wrote.”  I respected him and did not want to offend or ruin the friendship we built.  He started his response with “NEVER apologize for your opinion.”  That struck a chord with me.  My experience with the horror community has not always been positive and the minute you disagree with someone is when things tend to go off the rails.  He made it clear right then and there it was not going to happen like that with him and my respect shot through the roof at that moment.  It broke my heart when he passed away because as much as I love this genre I’ve never been able to develop deep ties with others in the community.  He was truly amazing as a writer, person, and horror fan.  I’m hoping to carry on his spirit and improve my own writing.  Just know that opinions, not attacks, are always welcome here.  I want conversation but I demand that everybody respects one another.  Let’s celebrate the genre, without tearing each other down.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy Villains Live!